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If you have decided to use a install a different antivirus program on your computer…you want to make sure you remove the currently installed antivirus properly.  This link Common Antivirus Removal Tools will take you to a site where you can find the antivirus you currently have installed and then download the correct removal tool.  Once you have removed your antivirus with the removal tool…reboot your computer…and THEN…install the antivirus you want on your system.

A common mistake is to use the Add or Remove Programs within your control panel to uninstall antivirus programs.  If you uninstall your antivirus by this method…it will leave remnants behind that can interfere with the antivirus you replace it with.  Example: You have McAfee installed and you want to install Kaspersky.  You would first find the McAfee removal tool from the “Common Antivirus Removal Tools” page and then download and run the tool.  Once completed…reboot your computer…and then run your Kaspersky installation file to install Kaspersky.  This way…you will have a cleaner system with less issues.  And…no McAfee components left in the background that may hinder your Kaspersky installation OR may cause issues with Kaspersky after installation.

Another common mistake is to have more than one antivirus program running “live” or “real-time” on your computer.  One…is all you need.  With antivirus programs…the more…is NOT the better.  In fact…with more than one installed…you may find that your system runs slower AND you are more susceptible to getting infected.  Remember: one good antivirus as well as healthy habits on the computer…will help to keep you safe while you surf the net.  If you want to learn healthier habits…check out our other posts titled “Want to Learn How to Stay Safe Online?” and “How to Avoid Infecting Your Computer”.

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