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We here at BWN Computer want you to stay safe during these critical times.  The health and safety of everyone is our highest priority.  We have implemented the following:

  1. Increased our routine cleaning at our shop and at our home.  Also, everything is wiped down before and after meeting with a client as well as wiping down all computers upon arrival AND before they leave the shop.
  2. Curb service for drop offs and pickups…to help limit interaction with others.
  3. Implemented a pickup and delivery service for those it would help.
  4. Remote services where, as long as you have a good internet connection, the work can be completed on your computer via remote session.  We are able to resolve many types of issues this way.  Stop by our CONTACT US page to see if we can resolve your problems remotely without having to bring your computer in.  This is a service we have always offered…and it will truly come in handy in the next few weeks…ESPECIALLY…if the Government orders a national or local shutdown.


Our community is such a wonderful community that we are so very proud to be a part of.  Evidence of that is present every single day.  Let us all come together and help one another…be a blessing to one another.

We are with you every step of the way.  We have faith that by working together…we will get through this.  The state of the world is in more turmoil than ever…but…that does not mean that we stop caring for one another.

Please let us know if there are any services we can offer or anything we can do to help.

Know that we love and care for you all!


Tonya and Brian (BWN Computer)

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