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These days, there is so much that one must do to help protect their computer from getting infected.  One thing is for certain: over 98 percent…that is not a typo…over 98 percent of infections that make their way onto your pc are because something the user did, engaged with…or failed to do.

During updates or installations of software from the internet…one might get into a rush and just click through all of the popups…NOT GOOD!  A lot of times…free offers and additional software can get into ones’ computer because of not reading the popups during the installation process.  These popups are telling you what is going to happen when you click the “ok”, “continue”, “accept”, “next”, “yes”…etc…buttons.  This is just one of the many ways additional software, add-ons, toolbars…can get onto your computer…and then (if they are malicious) they will bring in other malicious items…and, before you know it, you’re infected.

This article breaks down what you can do to not get your computer infected.  It shows what to look out for during updating and installing software.  It gives you tips on how to keep your computer secure.

Lots of great information!  If you have any questions…stop on by my Contacts Page and send them my way.  Or, if you are in Graham, TX, stop on by my shop during business hours and I will be more than happy to help you out!

Have a blessed weekend everyone…and…HAPPY COMPUTING!  🙂

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