Good Alternatives to Microsoft PowerPoint

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So…you want to put together a presentation…BUT…you don’t have Microsoft PowerPoint.  Well…this link will take you to where you can learn of ten alternatives. Some are paid…and some are free.  I’ve tried out a few of them…and…found that they share quite a few common features.  Also, most of these alternatives allow you to access your… Read more »

Having Issues With Messages That Won’t Send In Outlook?

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I’ve seen this issue a lot with my clients and, after having done a bit of research, this link shows you just what can be done to get these stuck messages sent or deleted. Also, if you are sending a message with an attachment that is 20MB or greater…this, too, can get stuck in the outbox.  Sometimes,… Read more »

Looking For a Top-Rated Password Manager Program?

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Do you get tired of always having to keep track of all your passwords?  Do you just use ONE password for every site so that it makes it easier for you to sign in?  Or…are you running out of ideas for passwords?  Well…the worst thing one can do is use the same password across the… Read more »

How To Talk To A Live Person: Customer Support Number List

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So…here you are having problems with your email………or maybe it’s your internet service……..or maybe you’re having issues with your computer……..and all you really want is a GOOD customer service number.  You’ve tried to Google for the number…BUT…the results are confusing because you are seeing multiple similar results…each with a different 800 number.  Which one is the correct… Read more »

How To Easily Avoid PC Infections

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As this article states: “The single biggest factor in preventing a malware infection on your PC is YOU!”.  So…with that being said…PLEASE…take the time to read this article.  I have some clients who, after I have cleaned their computer up, complain that their computer “is infected again”…that it “is slow again”…that “the popups are back”…”why didn’t… Read more »

Computer Basics 101: How to Navigate Windows

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I am finding that a lot of people really do not know how to navigate around the Microsoft Windows environment.  So…I have taken the liberty of hunting down an article that breaks everything down so that it makes it very easy to understand.  This article shows you how to maneuver around your computer desktop and… Read more »

Office Online File Converters and Viewers

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So…maybe you have a copy of Microsoft Office installed on one of your computers, BUT, you have another computer that you would like to be able to open up your Office documents on. This page, Office Online File Converters and Viewers, has links for viewers that can be installed on a computer that does NOT… Read more »

One of the best FREE media players I have ever seen!

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Whether its listening to music, watching movies, viewing your pictures, or watching and recording live tv…THIS…is the program that can do it all.  AND…it does it for FREE.  I have tried out earlier versions…which, of course, had a few bugs to work out……YET……the program was VERY impressive. This latest stable version release (13.1 Gotham) is amazing!  Here are links to: Learn More… Read more »