Want to Learn How to Stay Safe Online?

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With all of the crazy ways that malware/adware/viruses and potentially unwanted programs can sneak their way into your computer, this article provides the keys to staying safe online and to keep your computer safe. These are the very tools that I am here to give to my clients as well.  I not only clean up… Read more »

7 Features of Your Wireless Router To Take Advantage Of

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These days, your wireless router is so much more than just a way to connect to the internet.  This article explains some really cool features one can do with their router.  Setting up Guest Accounts, Parental Control, Storage Setup…to name a few. The best routers available are so much better than the routers of yesterday.  Keeping our… Read more »

How to Avoid Installing Toolbars and Other Unwanted Software

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So…you find yourself either downloading or updating a current program…BUT…you want to make sure no UNWANTED toolbars, add-ons, or programs sneak their way in with it.  This link will show you how to avoid installing any “piggyback” software that, in the past, you may have unknowingly allowed into your computer. I find many computers that… Read more »

How To Avoid Infecting Your Computer

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These days, there is so much that one must do to help protect their computer from getting infected.  One thing is for certain: over 98 percent…that is not a typo…over 98 percent of infections that make their way onto your pc are because something the user did, engaged with…or failed to do. During updates or… Read more »

Want A Really Cool Free Course On Computer Basics?

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You’ve come to the right place.  If you are like many others:  able to power on the computer, get around the web a little, send an email to a friend…but…you REALLY want to be able to navigate around Windows and the Internet a bit more comfortably.  Maybe you just want to sit down and learn… Read more »

Grand Re-Opening AND 3 Year Anniversary in Graham! :)

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Had a BEAUTIFUL ribbon cutting this morning with the Chamber and their Ambassadors!  Many showed up to show their support!  And, Tonya, I truly appreciate everything you do to help make things better.  🙂 This link will take you to the pictures that our local Chamber of Commerce posted of the grand event!  They are… Read more »

How To Stay Safe Online While On Vacation

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So….you decided to take a little vacation, BUT, you want to know how to access the internet safely while away from the comforts of your secure home network???  Well…one thing is for sure:  accessing Public Wi-Fi can be dangerous…especially…if you decide to purchase items or log into a secure network (email, banking, etc…) while logged… Read more »

Good Alternatives to Microsoft PowerPoint

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So…you want to put together a presentation…BUT…you don’t have Microsoft PowerPoint.  Well…this link will take you to where you can learn of ten alternatives. Some are paid…and some are free.  I’ve tried out a few of them…and…found that they share quite a few common features.  Also, most of these alternatives allow you to access your… Read more »

Having Issues With Messages That Won’t Send In Outlook?

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I’ve seen this issue a lot with my clients and, after having done a bit of research, this link shows you just what can be done to get these stuck messages sent or deleted. Also, if you are sending a message with an attachment that is 20MB or greater…this, too, can get stuck in the outbox.  Sometimes,… Read more »