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There is a program (Recover Keys) that I have used over the years to help me find product keys for programs installed. This has been very helpful for clients that have a need to reinstall certain software BUT do not have the necessary activation keys to reactivate after installation.

For instance: you have Adobe Photoshop installed (an older version) and it no longer opens requiring a reinstall. BUT…you cannot find your product information nor your activation key. No worries…by running the Recovery Keys program, it can find the relevant keys associated with your Adobe installation so that you will be able to reactivate your product. Using the Recovery Keys program just saved you from having to repurchase your Adobe Photoshop product. That…is a win/win situation.

The latest PC version of this handy software can recover keys from over 8000 software titles (and the list keeps on growing). Here is a link to that list:

It works with ALL Windows versions INCLUDING Windows 10. AND…not only is it able to scan the host computer…it can scan other computers on the network as well as hard drives from bootable/unbootable systems. The program even comes with a “deep scan” mode for those product keys that are hidden deep in the registry OR are located on your hard drive. And, when the scan is completed, you can save the scan results OR print them out for future reference.

For those with Mac computers, an additional tool is available, Mac Product Key Finder Professional version supports 375 programs. It is compatible with OS X version 10.4 Tiger up to the latest version 10.12 Sierra at time of publishing.  Here is a link to where you can find both the Free AND Professional versions:

Whether you have a PC or a Mac…this software will help find your lost keys. Here is a link to the current product versions that are available:

If you are thinking of purchasing a license…a discount can ALWAYS come in handy, so, you just may want to use this 20% off code: KF20BWN This code does NOT have an expiration date and is available for Recover Keys Single, Basic, Premium and Portable licenses as well as for the Mac Key Finder Pro.

By the way, there is a FREE version you can try out that will show you the first part of the recovered key. That way, if it can find your product and key, you can upgrade to the paid version to recover the full key. If it can’t find your key, you’ve lost no money.

Of course, if you have ANY questions, here is a link to their contact page

Have a BLESSED day everyone! And…Happy Computing!

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