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Windows 10 has brought about quite a few changes.  One of them…is how Windows Security Updates are delivered.  For instance…you can no longer turn off, or even pick and choose, which updates you would like to install.  Also, Windows Update Delivery Optimization is a feature where your internet bandwidth is used to push updates to others…sort of like what torrents do with peers.

Now…one side says this is good because it helps “users around the world get updates as quickly and efficiently as possible”…while the other side says this is bad because “your computer is unwittingly used as part of a peer-to-peer network to distribute files.  For those with poor internet or on a limited data plan…you may want to follow the instructions in this article called How To Turn Off Windows 10 Delivery Optimization explaining how to turn OFF the Windows Update Delivery Optimization.

If you have any questions on how to turn this feature off…or any other computer-related question…stop on by our CONTACT BWN COMPUTER page and we will be sure to help you out.  Have a blessed week ahead…and…Happy Computing!  🙂

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