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So, if you are like me…you like to watch the videos that others post into your Facebook newsfeed.  Have you ever clicked to play a video…and…it told you that you either needed to UPDATE or INSTALL Adobe Flash Player before you could watch the video?

Well, if you see this type of message, do NOT click on the UPDATE or INSTALL because it, most likely, is malware.  And…to be more precise…it just may be malware called Trojan.Ransom.AHK.

This article gives some really good information concerning this type of “trick” to get malware/adware/viruses into your computer.

I, myself, am always wary when something tells me I need to “download” or “update” or “install” something before I can watch, play, or view a site/video within my browser.

Of course, if you are seeing these types of popups often…it may be a good time to run a FULL scan with your antivirus to make sure that you are not infected already.

Keeping a good antivirus installed and up-to-date; running your scans often; making sure your Windows and security updates are installed and current; making sure software installed on your computer (Adobe, JAVA, Chrome, etc…) are up-to-date as well…and…being careful how you surf the web…these are things we ALL should be doing these days.

If you have any questions or need help with ANY computer-related issues…stop on by our Contacts page and we will be SURE to answer ALL of your questions!  Have a blessed day everyone…and…Happy Computing!

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