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This past week, there has been a lot of media attention pertaining to the WORST ransomware outbreak in history.  With more than 250,000 detections in 116 countries in the first 48 hours after the outbreak started, you just may want to check out this article to make sure your computer is secure from this exploit.  Microsoft has even released security patches for Windows systems they no longer support, so, if you are still using Windows XP, Vista or 8 (or Windows Server 2003), make sure you have installed the latest Windows/security updates.  Also, please, make sure you have a good PAID antivirus installed.  These days, a FREE antivirus…just does not do the job to protect you from the latest malware/adware/viruses/worms/Trojans/rootkits and exploits.  If you think you are infected OR if you have any questions pertaining to this ransomware outbreak (or any other computer-related issues), stop on by our CONTACT US page and we will help you out in every way possible to make sure your computer is protected and your data is secure.

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