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AV-Comparatives has just released their test results of twenty-three of the most common antivirus programs installed today.  This link will download the report in PDF format so that you can print it out.  I must say…I have heard GREAT things about Panda and their Cloud Free Antivirus.  And…to see it at the TOP of this list with the highest scores that I have seen in ages…I most certainly will be installing this FREE edition on the computers that I work on in place of what I have been using.

When I work on my clients’ computers…I want them getting back a computer that is not only clean and up-to-date…I want them to have the BEST in antivirus installed as well (unless they prefer a specific antivirus to be installed).

Five things that one who uses a computer needs to stay on top of:  1-Keeping your Windows Operating System up-to-date; 2-Keeping all NON-Microsoft software that is installed up-to-date; 3-Have an antivirus installed that is rated among the best (in this case…Panda Free Cloud Antivirus); 4-running your scans on a regular basis; and, 5-know how to close out suspicious pop-ups when they appear.

By doing these five things…you will find that your computer is more secure and that it has less of a chance in getting infected.

Of course, even when you do all of the above, things can STILL get in.  The point is:  make the chances of this happening…as minimal as possible.

If you have any questions…feel free to head on over to my CONTACT US page and send them my way.  I will be more than happy to help you out.

Have a truly wonderful week ahead!  Happy Computing!  🙂


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