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If you currently have Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 installed on your computer…you are eligible to reserve your FREE copy of Windows 10.  You may have noticed a little Windows icon in the bottom right of your screen (the notification area).  If you click on this icon…it takes you to where you can reserve your copy.

This article gives a quick rundown of what you need to do to get your FREE copy.  Then…once reserved…after July 29th (the Windows 10 release day)…you will then be notified of when your copy has been downloaded and is ready for installation.

You MUST reserve your copy within the first year of the Windows 10 release.  If you DO NOT reserve your free copy before July 29, 2016…you would then have to pay the $119.99 for the license in order to install Windows 10.

Hopefully, Microsoft has a good thing on their hands with Windows 10.  I have been running the Technical Preview on a couple of computers…and…it appears to be a very good system with some pretty cool benefits.

If you have any questions…send them my way via our CONTACTS page.  Have a blessed day…and…Happy Computing!  🙂


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