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It’s sad when a person who is in need of some computer help turns to a Tech Support Site…only to find out the link that was clicked to get to the site infected their computer…and…that the Tech Support Site isn’t even legitimate.  This link explains just what happens from one wrong click.

I hear this all of the time from clients.  They click a link to get support…and, before they know, their computer has not only been infected BUT they have allowed these FAKE tech people into their computer.  These FAKE techs then show the client warnings and errors in their computer to further prove that you need their help.  The only thing these FAKE techs want…is your money.  AND…after they receive your money…they, most likely, will leave you with an infected computer and not even help you at all.  Those FAKE techs I find that DO help…do a VERY POOR job and will still leave you with an infected and poorly working computer when it’s all done and over with.

These types of scams are becoming more abundant AND more conniving than ever before.  If you want to learn more about the different types of Tech Support scams…head on over to the Malwarebytes Security Blog: Tech Support Scams–Help & Resource page.  Lots of good information here that explains the many “tricks” these scammers will try and fool you with.

Of course, if you have ANY questions…stop on by my CONTACTS page and send them my way.  I will be more than happy to help you out!

Have a truly blessed and peaceful weekend…and…Happy Computing!  🙂

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