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Do you get tired of always having to keep track of all your passwords?  Do you just use ONE password for every site so that it makes it easier for you to sign in?  Or…are you running out of ideas for passwords?  Well…the worst thing one can do is use the same password across the board.  Makes it very easy for your personal information to get out if one of the sites you log on to is compromised.  The BEST thing one can do…is to use a different password for every site one logs into.  Also, THIS ARTICLE explains the BEST in Password Management Programs that NOT ONLY keeps track of your passwords…they will even help to CREATE a password for you when you login to a site for the first time.

The best thing about password manager programs is…you create ONE password that gets you into the program and, from there, the program does all of the work for you.  No more keeping track of dozens of passwords.  Remember one…and away you go.  🙂

I have seen MANY customers come in with “simple” passwords…such as…”abc123″ or using their “name/birthdate” or “place of birth” or even their “social security number”.  These types of passwords can EASILY be cracked.  And…any personal info within that computer, phone, site…be it email, banking, purchasing, etc…can be had and sent out…especially…if your computer has certain types of malware that has already infected it.

The article gives a really good breakdown as to “free” and “paid” programs.  It also gives links for each program so that you can read the FULL review and make a good decision as to which one would work best for you.

Of course, if you have ANY questions…please…stop by my Contact Us page and send them my way.  Happy Computing!  🙂

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