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Today…Windows 10 has finally made its official release.  From what I have been hearing…and reading across the internet…is that some are getting a Blue Screen stating “Something Happened” and have had to restart the installation.  Others…are stating that the installation took just under 30 minutes and all is good.  This article gives a really good breakdown on what you need to do to get the FREE upgrade…what new features you will find…and much more.

If you are finding yourself having problems getting the upgrade to install…THIS ARTICLE is a simple guide to help you get Windows 10 downloaded and installed to your device.

Questions?  Stop on by our CONTACT US page and we will definitely do our best to help you out…and…not just for Windows 10 installation issues…but, for ALL of your computer-related issues!  Have a blessed week ahead…and…Happy Computing!  🙂

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