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Well…here is a program that can help you “un” clutter your desktop.  The program, FENCES (by Stardock) can help you organize the icons and shortcuts that are taking up your desktop.  And, when you are done creating your fences, you can HIDE your fences away…leaving you a perfectly clean desktop.  Giving you the ability to enjoy your desktop background without any “clutter” blocking the way.  I have used this program for the past couple of years, and……..I LOVE it!  This LINK takes you to where you can download the trial version of the program (so you can see just how great it is), and, after using it for the 30-day trial period, you can purchase the full product for $9.99.  ***I know…I’m not usually the pusher for paid products……..but, hey!, this is a product WELL WORTH the few dollars.  Check it out…give it a try…let me know what you think.  Questions?  Stop on by my CONTACT page and let me know how I can help you.  Happy Computing!  🙂

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