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So…you’ve purchased yourself a nice new Mac and you’re wondering what you need to do to protect it?  If you are used to running Windows computers…you, most likely, may be used to using antivirus and constantly needing to update Windows as well as software that you’ve installed.  You may have even fallen for those “Speed Up/Clean Up/Optimization” programs that promise “a PC that will act like new” only to find out that those programs are just “snake oil”…and…rarely live up to those promises.

Well…with a Mac (or a PC)…there is no need for all of those “Speed Up/Clean Up/Optimization” programs  In fact…with a Mac…you don’t really need an antivirus if you follow these few simple suggestions:


  • Never install a program that claims to “Speed Up/Clean Up/Optimize”  your Mac.  They will only do more damage in the long run.
  • Never install software if you do not trust the source: do your homework and see what reviews have been done concerning the program.  You may just find that people just don’t like a particular software…or…that a certain software does not live up to what it is supposed to do.
  • Never open email attachments  or click on links from email addresses that you do not recognize…this is one of the main ways a virus/malware/adware/unwanted program can sneak its way into your computer.
  • Use strong passwords (a combination of letters, both upper and lower case…as well as numbers and symbols).
  • Turn off the Open Safe Files feature: Open Safari> Safari Preferences > General, and uncheck “Open safe files.”
  • Turn off Automatic Logins.  When you login to a site…do NOT put a check by “keep me logged in”.  You may have to enter the login information every time…BUT…this will help keep unwanted visitors out.  For example: you’re hanging out at a Starbucks and get up for a refill…and someone decides to walk away with your laptop.  Turning off the auto logins makes it just that much harder to break into your email, Facebook, Amazon, etc… accounts.  And…if you have trouble with remembering all of those passwords…get something like LastPass.  That way…you will just have to remember one really good password…instead of dozens of others (if you’re like me).
  • Antivirus…if you really must use an antivirus on your Mac…go with one that is trusted by Apple: ClamXAV…it is specifically designed for Macs.
  • Keep your mac up to date.  Make sure you check for updates often.  A Mac that is up-to-date…is a more secure Mac.

If you have any questions…stop on by our CONTACT US page and we will definitely help you out (or…if you are here in the Graham, Texas area…stop on by our brick and mortar shop).  No matter what your computer problem…PC or MAC…we are here to help you.  Have a blessed, peaceful and productive week…and…HAPPY COMPUTING!  🙂




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