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So…you find yourself either downloading or updating a current program…BUT…you want to make sure no UNWANTED toolbars, add-ons, or programs sneak their way in with it.  This link will show you how to avoid installing any “piggyback” software that, in the past, you may have unknowingly allowed into your computer.

I find many computers that come in for a cleanup…have, at times, DOZENS of unwanted items that have led to that systems corruption/infection.  And, MOST of those items…could have EASILY been avoided by simply paying attention to the popups during a programs installation.

Of course, there are those malicious programs that make their way in no matter HOW safe one is…so…don’t feel bad if this has happened to you.

The best things that one can do to help keep their computer clean and safe is:

1-Read all pop-ups during software installation/upgrades;

2-Make sure you have all of the latest windows/security updates installed (making sure that you turn your computer off every day so that the latest updates that have downloaded are installed);

3-NON-Microsoft software installed should be the latest version available;

4-Pay attention to your desktop and programs installed…a lot of times, unwanted programs make their way in and add icons to your desktop, so, if new icons appear that you don’t recognize, you MAY have unwanted software;

5-Keep a good antivirus installed and updated AND run FULL scans…often;

6-Learn how to properly close out of a pop-ups or webpages that you are uncertain of;

7-Be careful of running your mouse over ads or malicious pop-ups…some are VERY sneaky and can run code to install malicious items just by mousing over it; and,

8-Finally, be careful where you travel on the internet because all it takes is ONE WRONG SITE…and you can be infected or compromised.

Sounds like a lot of information and things to learn…it isn’t…a little bit of education and a little bit of practice…and you, too, can easily avoid the unnecessary things that try to make their way to your computer.

BWN COMPuter offers classes that go over these things in detail.  So, if you are interested or have any questions?  Stop on by my CONTACT US page and I will be definitely help you out.  Have a blessed day…and…Happy Computing!  🙂

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