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Lately, I have been hearing from clients that they have read that they should remove their antivirus.  THIS…is a HUGE no-no!

The first thing that one needs to realize is: having a GOOD antivirus installed is part of the battle in keeping malicious software, adware, malware, viruses, rootkits, keyloggers, and many other vicious programs from working its way into your computer.  Removing ones’ antivirus only makes things that much easier for one to get infected.

Here is a link to a good article that explains just why you would NOT want to remove your antivirus.

Of course, just having an antivirus is only part of the battle.  One must also run their antivirus scans.  Also, keeping your Windows and Security Updates up to date is another part of the battle.  And, keeping any NON-Microsoft software that is installed on your computer up to date is a part of the battle.  AND…the actions one takes on their computer (watching out for “piggyback” software during software upgrades and installations, reading ALL popups that appear on ones’ system, watching what one clicks on, and paying attention to the sites one visits online) helps in the fight as well.  I find that MOST infections that make their way onto a system are due to the actions of the one who is using the system.  So…with that being said…pay attention and learn about how to stay safe while on the internet and using your computer.  One will find that, when doing these things (ESPECIALLY along with keeping an active antivirus installed), the system is less likely to be compromised with an infection of some type.

Of course, infections can still happen.  So, learn what the signs of infections are so that when you see the signs…you can run your antivirus/antimalware scans and, hopefully, rid your system of the malicious items BEFORE they do to much damage to your system.

Bottom line: one is more likely to be infected than not if your system has no antivirus or other security products installed.

Questions?  Stop on by my contacts page and send them my way.  Have a blessed weekend…and…Happy Computing!  🙂

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