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I am finding that a lot of people really do not know how to navigate around the Microsoft Windows environment.  So…I have taken the liberty of hunting down an article that breaks everything down so that it makes it very easy to understand.  This article shows you how to maneuver around your computer desktop and programs….with ease.

It explains your desktop…how to minimize/maximize your windows…how to open/close programs…..and much, much more.  By learning these few simple instructions…you will be able to EASILY find your way around on your computer.  No more will you wonder “what is my desktop?” or “what do you mean I have to close down this window to see what is behind it?” or “what is an icon?”.

As in all things…it is much easier to learn from the beginning and move forward…than it is to jump in at the deep end and find yourself stuck not knowing how to do things.

of course…I am here to help you.  If you have any questions…PLEASE…head on over to my CONTACT US page where you will find several different ways to contact me so that I can best help you out.

Have a blessed and peaceful weekend everyone!  Happy Computing!  🙂

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