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On our first page…we look at why you should NOT be using Facebook as a storing service. Many of us are guilty of uploading photos to Facebook and then even sharing them with others. What we need to look at is a couple of things: 1-Facebook is not a backup/storage service, so…keep in mind…if you have photos that you don’t want to lose…have a good backup plan in place (we can help you with that); and 2-when photos are uploaded to Facebook…the images are compressed, meaning…photo quality will suffer. Another good reason to keep precious and important photos backed up to a good source. The Newsletter goes into a bit more depth.

As for the second page…we go over the benefits of the newer Mesh Wi-Fi. For many of us…we use a traditional single router and then add an extender to boost the signal further out. Well…with Mesh Wi-Fi…it can extend the network further out AS WELL AS giving you better speed and connectivity. If you have too many dead spots or issues with internet connectivity around your home and are looking at upgrading to a Mesh Wi-Fi system…we can help you get set up and back to enjoying your home network.

As always…we are here to help. If you have any questions about information in our newsletters (or any other computer-related issues), stop by our CONTACT US page and we’ll help you out.

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