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Can you believe it…it’s already May! We have some good information to share with you in this months’ newsletter. Our first page deals with something we may really never think of…what happens to all of our data when we pass away? Data on our computers, phones and online (email, Facebook and other social media, etc.), do we have a plan in place to make sure our data is either deleted OR saved for our loved ones and family? We can help you put a good plan in place…and…show you what options you have with certain social media companies. Also…on the second page…we look at ways to help take care of your external hard drives that you may be using to backup your important data. If you have any questions about this newsletter (or any other computer-related issues), please, contact us and we’ll be happy to help you out. Have a BLESSED day…and…Happy Computing! (Brian, Owner) 🙂

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