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Happy New Year everyone!! Here we are with our first newsletter of 2022. We do our best to share helpful information with you. On the first page of our newsletter, we go over the benefits of using a Password Manager. Password managers can help you keep your online accounts more secure. And…are especially helpful for those of us who have a hard time keeping track of all of our passwords.

On the second page…we review over why you want to avoid signing in to your accounts by using your Facebook or Google accounts. We are sure you have seen where you go to create an account (such as at booking dot com) and they offer a convenient way to use your Facebook or Google sign in to get you logged in. For a little bit of convenience…it can lead to a security nightmare later. Take a look at our considerations when making this decision.

If you have any questions about the topics in this Newsletter or with any other computer-related issues…just stop by our CONTACT US page and we’ll be more than happy to help you out.

If you would like to keep a copy of this months’ Newsletter…here is a link to open, download and print it out.

We here at BWN Computer are hoping everyone has a Blessed, Safe and Happy New Year!!

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