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Welcome to our latest newsletter!! For our first topic…we go over data breaches. These days…we here more and more about how a company has been breached. If you have an account with a company that was breached…we go over just what you need to do to secure your account and data.

For our second topic…we go over printers. You would think that here in the year 2023 that printers should be easily purchased…installed…and maintained. Unfortunately…that is not the case at times. We go over the types of printers available…the issues you may have with printing…and the different types of ink available depending on the printer. Of course…if you need help choosing the right printer OR deciding on the best way to install your printer…we are here to help you out.

If you have any questions about our current newsletter OR with any other computer-related issues you may be having…just stop by our CONTACT US page and we’ll be more than happy to help you out.

If you would like to keep a copy of this months’ newsletter…here is a link to open, download and print it out.

We here at BWN Computer are hoping everyone has a Blessed and Safe Day!

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