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Here we are with the latest December Newsletter. Sharing our knowledge with you. On the first page…we go over how you can keep your online banking safe (with some suggestions on what NOT to do). Also, we go over: how to set up a strong password…watching out for phishing emails…and…setting up two-factor authentication.

On the second page…we share information on what a VPN is and why you may want to have one set up. VPN’s can be used to encrypt your connection between your computer and what you are connecting to (such as when logging in to your banking, credit card and email sites). Also…VPN’s are definitely needed when you are browsing on a public network (such as when you are at your local Starbucks OR staying overnight in a hotel). Connecting to public networks are NOT safe and using a VPN will help keep your data (passwords, etc.) secure when logging in to sites and browsing the internet.

If you have any questions about content in our newsletter OR any other computer-related questions…stop by our CONTACT US page and send them our way.

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