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With our first page…we look over some of the most common computer myths. You may even be surprised about a couple of them! Also…the #5 myth listed goes over some of the ways hackers put your information and computers to use for them. You know the old saying…better safe than sorry. Keeping your computer secure and protected…will go along way in keeping your personal information and computers safe (and towards giving you peace of mind).

On our second page…we explain why you should take your computer to a professional to have it cleaned up and secured (such as us…not to toot our own horn) instead of just running a bunch of antivirus scans OR depending on an antivirus to do all of the cleanup and repairs for you. Viruses can do damage to your operating system that only a trained professional will be able to find and repair.

As always…we are here to help. If you have any questions about information in our newsletters (or any other computer-related issues), stop by our CONTACT US page and we’ll help you out.

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